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There are several things to think about when looking for the best garden software:


If you are looking for the best garden software, then this page gives a summary of products we like and links to more info
& garden software review for each.


Garden Software for Planning & Garden Design  




Complete Garden Plant Finder Plant Care and Pruning Guide


Excellent UK produced plant finder and pruning guide that is a goldmine of plant information and gardening tips - ideal for UK and European gardeners.




Deeproot Plant Base Encyclopedia


Excellent UK produced plant encyclopedia with over 10,000 plant records & fully editable database. One of the best UK produced garden software products we have seen in a long time.

Includes US plant zones.



Garden Management System


A low cost Canadian database solution for garden maintenance planning.



Garden design software


Many packages are available, from 10 bargain basement kit to 1000 plus packages.

It an pay to be careful in your choice of gardening software.





Complete Gardens Plant Finder and Pruning Guide
(PC & Mac compatible)

Garden Software - Plant finder  software disk Garden Software Offer



Excellent for beginners and experts - the quantity of information and ease of use make this a great resource for professional gardeners and designers as well as learners and keen gardeners.


More info & Our Review

More about Complete Gardens Plant Finder & Pruning Guide and our garden software review.


Who makes it?

Complete Gardens is designed & produced by Neil Bromhall working with a team of specialist authors, consultants and contributors. Neil is a professional wildlife photographer and has worked on projects with David Attenborough. His garden software project started as a promise to gardening friends to put together some information to use in their garden.


How much is it?

39.95 incl UK postage (subject to change)



On CD disc by post.

Mac and PC compatible.


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Deeproot Plant Base Encyclopedia

Free Garden Software Upgrades


An excellent Plant Encyclopedia / Plant Finder produced in the UK.


Suitable for anyone with an interest in plants, amateur or professional gardeners or students. Simple to use but extremely flexible. Create personal lists and add your own photos to any plant. Keep references to additional information including websites, files and documents. Build plant name lists for projects or as reminders. Includes plant zones.


More info & Our Review

More about Deeproot Plant Encyclopedia and our gardening software review.


Who makes it?

Deeproot Plant Base is designed, developed and produced by Geoff Looker and his partner. With a background in IT and horticulture, they have created one of the best editable garden plant encyclopedias we have looked at.


How much is it?

39.95 incl UK postage (subject to change)

Only 35 if you download



Download (Approx 250MB) or on DVD disc by post

PC only.


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Garden Management System


Version 4 CD for MS Windows


Store all horticultural information and images regarding plants in your garden in The Garden Management System - gardening software that will help you keep your plants healthy.


Use the Plant Journal to record and report on gardening activities, detail and progress of specific plants.


Use the Garden Journal to keep track of your gardening activities.


Reports by common name or botanical name, location, plant family and many more are available.


To get the most out of Garden Management System, you do need to be a very keen gardener / student because you need to add your own garden photos and plant care information.


Who makes it?

GMS is a Canadian product produced by Helen Kirkup. Helen is a long-time gardener with a background in software development and project management as well as being a freelance garden writer.


Read about Garden Management System...



Garden Design packages

There are a lot of gardening software packages to choose from. From professional level garden landscaping software packages all the way down to gardening software that has not been updated in years and/or has just been repackaged or rebranded with a new cover or tweaked to work with the latest rendering engine / Operating system.


The trick is in finding the gardening software that you really need.


Professional level landscape software might be good for architects and municipal gardening people, but how useful is it for small business people and gardeners who just fancy pottering about?


For small businesses, professional landscaping software garden software is worth considering, but you do need to be careful on what you buy since the marketing for many products is about selling the product, not necessarily meeting your personal needs. Also, don't forget to budget for the training / learning curve.


How much do they cost?

Anything from bargain basement sub 10 to over 1000

Who makes it?

Cheaper gardening software often seem to be published by software companies that have many and varied products and reminds me of the way that remaindered books are sold. The question I always ask myself is how much care is given to the workings of the software and who supports it? In the intermediate range, there are numerous contenders and obviously once you start looking at higher priced garden landscaping software, the field narrows further.


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