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The Entwife’s Garden – a gardener’s view of the world

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wildlife in my garden

There will be plenty on gardening matters and things like garden plant care information and wildlife gardening, but also thoughts & ideas on other subjects and projects of interest – all coloured by my view from the garden. We are in the process of updating the wildchicken site and sorting out some webspace for something new…

The current plan is to keep adding more info to the wildchicken gardening site, keep the RHS wildlife blogs going but all this has to be fitted around a busy timetable so we are taking small steps and letting things develop over time.

 Miranda Hodgson is a professional gardener and writer based in Oxfordshire. Specialising in plant knowledge and wildlife gardening, her belief is that garden spaces are small worlds that can be shared with wildlife as ‘neighbours’ – where encouraging species variety works to create richer and more enjoyable gardens.

The old wildchicken gardening website is still here, but working on real world projects and writing for the RHS over the last four and a half years has meant it has been left too much to its own devices and become a little overgrown, and technology-wise we’ve had some die-back (some of the old functions no longer work). So, a process of serious pruning and reshaping of the old website has now begun; scything down some of the things that now seem like ‘weeds’ – digging out and transplanting things we want to keep and composting the things that have had their time.

Much of Miranda’s time is spent working in Oxfordshire gardens, so reorganising all the old online gardening articles and other info like gardening photos  and garden plant IDs and plant care info is probably going to take some time! As things are updated there will be new links, info to supplement the old garden journals, garden photos etc.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new blog:
The Entwife’s Garden

Most garden client visits are in the Oxfordshire area, but planting plans and consultancy further afield are possible by arrangement.

July 2014