New blog – July 2014

Introducing Miranda’s new blog… ‘Entwife’s garden

Publishing gardening and other info on wildchicken started over 10 years ago;  and, with moving to Oxfordshire and starting a gardening business, spending a number of years publishing gardening blogs for the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and generally being busy with ‘life’, the time has finally come to start on a digital job that has been getting put off for some time… sorting out the wildchicken web site.

We are slowly going through the old website as part of a redesign and update process and this blog section is going to be a new place to find latest thoughts and info on gardening and other themes.
Wildchicken is going to keep going with plant info and other things and soon there will be a dedicated home for ‘Entwife’s garden‘.

As well as wildlife and general garden plant info (like plant care & propagation and things of gardening interest), there will still be links to the old garden info while we create new pages and organise the reference material in different ways… but something new as well, because the view of the world from gardens opens up the opportunity to think and talk about many things.

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