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In 2008 we began trying to re-establish a kitchen garden on a farm in West Oxfordshire and this garden diary covers some of the work we did.


Real life interrupted things (as so often happens) as Miranda started a blog on the Royal Horticultural Society website at the same time as beginning to try and set up a small gardening business. Trying to set up a business is a slow and time consuming matter, and time for projects suddenly became very tight and we had to scale back our plans for content here on wildchicken.


The garden diary is here as an archive, and you can see a list of Miranda's wildlife garden blogs here. Her blog on the RHS can be found in the wild about gardening section - you can see a list of the posts here and here.


The gardening journal from 2005 - 2008 is here and the kitchen garden journal archive is below on this page.


July 2014 is the start of a new phase of blogging here on the wildchicken website as we begin to rationalise and reorganise all the content from the last 10 years.


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Over the last 2 years Miranda has been working on establishing a small gardening business in Oxfordshire and that has taken up nearly all her time.


She has plans for more writing here on wildchicken, but at the moment, you can follow her writing on The Royal Horticultural Society website in the wild about gardens section


See a list of Miranda's RHS blogs


March 2010


Time to get going


November 2009


After the Storm


October 2009


The courtyard kitchen garden


Distorted chillies, the impending Oca harvest, celeriac and fungi


September 2009


Crown Prince Squash and some Marrows


August 2009



Preserving the Harvest


The Dreaded Potato and Tomato Blight



July 2009


More courgettes and other Vegetables


June 2009


Onion and Garlic Harvest and some Scary Courgettes


May 2009


Brassica Cages


April 2009


A Frenzy of Planting and Sowing


March 2009



Soil and a Wheelbarrow


Hedge Laying



February 2009



Odd Jobs in the Garden


Digging new Vegetable Beds



January 2009


Winter in the Kitchen Garden - Too Cold and Wet


December 2008


Planting Onions and Garlic


November 2008



Discovering what you Find in Thatch - A Sad Story


Preparing Beds for Winter



October 2008



Starting Work on the New Kitchen Garden - Part 2


Starting Work on the New Kitchen Garden - Part 1



September 2008


Finding the kitchen garden


August 2008


Scythes for the kitchen garden


Old journals (before February 2008)


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