Professional Gardening Services

Miranda Hodgson runs a professional gardening service based in West Oxfordshire. She is a keen wildlife and nature photographer was involved in supporting the Phenology Network in their work as part of the Woodland Trust. See Miranda's garden journal. Currently she writes a wildlife gardening blog for the Royal Horticultural Society website and you can find a list of blog articles here.

Get the most out of your garden

It doesn't matter if your garden is large or small, you can transform it through 'soft landscaping'. After an initial consultation, you can choose between different options to best meet your needs. For example, here are three options:

 Whatever your choice, the aim is to make your garden more attractive and enjoyable.


Gardening for homes

If you donít have the opportunity to do the work needed to keep your garden beautiful, or if you have ideas of what youíd like but donít know how to carry it out, you can take advantage of a friendly, professional service to do all the necessary jobs throughout the year.


There is always something to be done in the garden and whilst you love your garden, you might not have the time to keep it looking its best. In todayís busy world, employing a professional gardener to carry out the hard work necessary to keep your garden beautiful will let you and your family enjoy it all the more.



Garden transformation - before and after


Summer garden in North Lincolnshire

Gardening for businesses

Many companies are taking a proactive role regarding the environment.

For example, you may want to grow things that encourage insects and other wildlife. Choosing plants that do not suit the environment or circumstances can end up costing you more as you constantly have to replace things that only last for a season.


If your company has gardens that need maintenance, or land that needs longer term development to support environmental diversity, take a look at Gardening for Businesses and contact us to discuss options.




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