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June 2020 - This is a partial archive of the old wildchicken site. See the Whispering Knights woodland project Whispering Knights Project :

A journey through enchanted woodland

A garden can be a haven for wildlife as well as a place to relax and play. We like gardening with nature and encouraging wildlife. Find gardening information:



Garden plant care information

Want to know about caring for plants? We have garden plant info pages with advice on care and growing like seasonal gardening tips for things like Winter plant care and to help you protect tender plants from frost.

Looking for something to plant? Read about our planting plan options for small and large gardens.


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Gardening information covers practical horticultural techniques and plant care, with botanical and common names of plants, growing tips and advice on pests and diseases.

Our plant care and botanical information is presented by a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) qualified gardener.


See the gardening diary for extra horticultural notes, plant photos, general gardening articles and garden ideas.

find garden plant information

find garden plant info


Wildlife gardening

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A garden is for creatures as well as humans - from birds and insects to small mammals, creating a haven for wildlife in your garden has benefits for you, for your garden and the critters that come visiting.


See the section on wildlife gardening with children for ideas you and the kids can use to make your garden wildlife friendly.


Read Miranda's wildlife gardening blog.


Growing vegetables and herbs

Nothing beats herbs and vegetables that you've grown yourself... and it whilst it doesn't need to take lots of time and effort, it can do! Much depends on the time and resources you have.

So far, 2012 has seemed quite challenging for vegetable growing.


We have been busy exploring growing food, but too busy to write about it! Find out more...




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Garden plant information


Wildlife gardening


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