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This page links you to entries from Miranda's garden diary from 2005 - 2008 - we hope you find it interesting.


In late 2008 we began trying to re-establish a kitchen garden on a farm in West Oxfordshire and the kitchen garden journal covers some of the work we did.


Real life interrupted things (as so often happens) as Miranda started a blog on the Royal Horticultural Society website at the same time as beginning to try and set up a small gardening business. Trying to set up a business is a slow and time consuming matter, and time for projects suddenly became very tight and we had to scale back our plans for content here on wildchicken.


The garden diaries are here as an archive, and you can see a list of Miranda's wildlife garden blogs here. Her blog on the RHS can be found in the 'wild about gardening' section - you can see a list of the posts here and here




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Old Garden Journal entries


January 2008


Garden Journal January 4th 2008

Looking at fern spores


November 2007


Garden Journal November 5th 2007

In which we go on a mission to rescue the wildlife from a bonfire heap


October 2007



Garden Journal October 29th 2007

'Plant Blindness' - why do some people not see plants?


Garden Journal October 1st 2007

I have an adventure, courtesy of BBC Radio 4


August 2007



Garden Journal August 14th 2007

Mixed results from a difficult growing year


Garden Journal August 9th 2007

Sowing late vegetables after a very wet summer


July 2007


Garden Journal July 3rd 2007

Rain again, and when will someone come and buy our house!


Garden Journal July 17th 2007

The wildflowers of Culloden moor



June 2007


Garden journal June 20th 2007

What the rain brings


May 2007


Garden Journal 16th May 2007

Slug Patrol and In Praise of Broughton Woods


April 2007


Garden Journal - 30th April, 2007

New plants and new birds


March 2007


Garden Journal 21st March 2007

It's spring - sort of - and the house is up for sale


November 2006


Garden Journal - November 14th 2006

Chilli burn remedy and my plan to dig up more of the lawn


October 2006


Garden Journal - October 10th 2006

Colours of autumn


August 2006


Garden Journal 20th August 2006

Delights of summer


July 2006


Garden journal 25th July 2006

Storms, vandalism, more wildlife and even more flowers


June 2006


Garden Journal - June 23rd 2006

A possible remedy for chilli burns, plus summer flowers


May 2006


Garden Journal 26th May 2006

In praise of our lawn


April 2006


Garden Journal - April 7th 2006

Spring is springing


Garden Journal - April 18th 2006

Burgeoning - and fighting - wildlife


March 2006


Garden Journal - March 20th 2006

Nesting blackbirds and some digging


February 2006


Garden Journal - February 15th 2006

Spring is on the way, and congratulations are, too.

January 2006


Garden Journal - January 15th 2006

Bacterial infection on Photinia?


December 2005


Garden Journal - December 15th

Sweet indulgence


November 2005


Garden Journal - November 15th 2005

Autumn and winter colour


October 2005


Garden Journal - October 27th 2005

Lawn mowers and mushrooms


Garden Journal - October 14th 2005

Autumn tidy up - just say 'No'


September 2005

Garden Journal - September 29th 2005

Oh no, the pond's leaking!


Garden Journal - September 15th 2005

Wildlife and another mystery


Garden Journal - September 1st 2005

Three fine days and a thunderstorm


August 2005


Garden Journal - August 25th 2005

A day out with the ladies


Garden Journal - August 11th 2005

Oxfordshire and home


July 2005


Garden Journal - July 25th 2005

The bitter and the sweet


June 2005


Garden Journal - June 3rd 2005



May 2005


Garden Journal - May 16th 2005

Seed success - but is it the right seed?


Garden Journal - May 5th 2005

Spring visitors


April 2005


Garden Journal - April 18th 2005

Waiting for Spring


Garden Journal - April 6th 2005

Come on Spring - get on with it!


March 2005


Garden Journal - March 28th 2005

Spring planning


Garden Journal - March 21st 2005

Garden visit


Garden Journal - March 7th 2005

Well, I'm glad that's over with...


February 2005


Garden Journal - February 28th 2005

Revision and review


Garden Journal - February 21st 2005

Trouble with rocotos


Garden Journal - February 14th 2005

Hammers and spells


Garden Journal - February 7th 2005

Watch your head!


January 2005


Garden Journal - January 31st 2005



Garden Journal - January 24th 2005

Apples and turf


Garden Journal - January 17th 2005

Winter maintenance


Garden Journal - January 7th 2005

What's it all about...



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